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traveled between the united states, the middle east and europe. he was bit by a mexican bat in march on a visit home to southern contra costa county. the bat was on the ground. when a friend put it 18 bag the victim reached in and was bit. he could have passed rabies on to another human being. >> four people were identified and three people indicated perhaps contact with saliva and those people were offered and chose to receive precautionary treatment. that treatment is five injections in the arm. once people develop symptoms it's too late. it's almost always fatal. >> outside the united states a total of 23 people elected to get treatment for rabies just in case. 59 were interviewed after coming in contact with the man. he traveled to nine countries and died in july in a swiss hospital. >> hayward police shot and killed a suspected car thief after they say he failed to obey orders to show him his hands. this morning a suspicious vehicle was reported to police. the officer who arrived determined it had been stolen. when he approached the man refused to raise his hand and reached for
sandy on the east coast that will impact travel across the entire united states throughout next five to seven days. we'll have the full forecast track and latest from the east coast. our next rain is in that 7-day forecast and also going to mean more sierra snow. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. >>> we have a change of scenery for the giants in detroit for the world series, this morning the team boarded the buses at at&t. there's tim lincecum and fans were there to cheer on the team. not just the giants who left san francisco, much of the front office also headed east as well as the players and famil
it was a very important one, because i just won tacos for everybody in the united states. so i feel happy that i brought everybody together in the united states and it's a great moment for all of america. >> looks like the beatles showed up at the taco bell. you see the lines outthe door. the free promotion ended just about seven minutes ago. taco bell also announced it will pick a new giveaway day for the people affected by hurricane sandy. >>> nbc bay area is the proud broadcast home of the giants. we're happy to provide live coverage of the parade. we have several crews on the ground and in the air and we're going to broad cad this parade on air and online. >>> other news now, a terrifying case of deja vu along the california coast. for the second time in nearly a week, a shark attacked a surfer. this time near eureka. that's the surf board. look at the bite mark. it apparently took a big one. now the surfer, a 25-year-old man, has a 14-inch bite wound and other injuries on his body. two of his friends, one who just happened to be an emt, used their bodies to stop the victim's bleeding until
that produce about 7% of the total capacity in the united states. in new york trading just the threat of the storms has boosted gasoline and heating oil prices. >>> the presidential election comes on the heels of halloween of course. every four years. here's a statistic you haven't heard. political mask sales at spirit halloween stores nationwide have predicted the winner of the last four presidential cycles and that's actually since the company started keeping tabs. nationwide the obama mask is leading romney right now 60-40%, but the latest rasmussen poll shows the president trailing romney by 4% while a poll in "new york times" shows the opposite. the polls are unpredictable. we get the real results on election day. right now we're bringing in the real honest henry from comcast sports net. henry, how are you today? >> did you say honest? >> die. >> did you say honest. i need to you talk to my wife for me. tell her i'm honest. i would be out of the dog house. she thinks i'm a big liar. coming up in sports, two more victories and we can call the g-man 2012 world champions. there's be
. why doesn't the state regulate it? the investigative unit gets some answers. >> a rare look inside the places that power your google search and amazon stepping in to apple territory to help your kids. would you believe an evil elmo. the not so warm and fuzzy character that has some parents concerned. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center. it feels more like july on this october day, a lot of sunshine, a new record in santa rosa with 94. very warm in san francisco with 84. we're tracking the rain over st. louis as the giants and the cardinals game is currently delayed. looks like some rain continuing at this hour. >>> an investigation that uncovered widespread and unregulated fracking in california now has the state's top regulator calling for change. investigative reporter steven stock broke the story and has this exclusive interview. >> we sat down and talked to california's top oil and gas supervisor. he admitted that the state has dropped the ball when it comes to regulating fracking and overseeing this practice. we don't have an exact number of how many wells in th
. >> from europe to the united states to the streets of los angeles. all over the world. and from hundreds of years ago. >> i think that this gift will probably help generations, literally generations of people. >> long before your gps device. >> the maps are actually kind of beautiful. >> even before your thomas brothers guide. >> this is a 1948. >> they showed people where they were and where they wanted to go. if there's one thing you can say about the mysterious dietitian who lived in the tiny cottage leaving only a few photos of himself behind he loved it. >> i honest to god believe he tried to buy every map ever public libd. >> he pulled out a favorite. he's got boxes and boxes more from feathers' house. in the coming months, glenn and his staff have a lot of work ahead of them. counting and categorizing every single one of these maps. there's no gps device for that. nbc bay area news. >>> heads up if you plan to drive on highway 4 in antioch this weekend. there will be delays and lane closures due to construction for at least saturday and sunday morning. highway 4 will be closed bet
that causes allergies. doctors here in the united states are encouraged but they say the more testing is needed to evaluate the milk. there's also an issue of whether consumers will buy a genetically altered product. calves born with the manipulated genes have no tails. >>> reading doctor's notes could be good medicine. patients that read their medical files felt empowered in their own health care. patients gained a better understanding of the medical issues they faced. nearly 14,000 people took part in the study. it is expected to be released tomorrow. >>> this is one of the few days of the year i wish i had air conditioning in my house. >> i have ac in mine but it's broke. >> we're in the same boat. >> everyone is staying at my house then? >> many of us know it as you stepped outside today. san mateo bridge, a lot of sun as it sets tonight. we'll let you know about a hot tuesday and dramatic changes in the seven day. >> something many fans in baseball experts thought couldn't happen in spring training. tonight the a's could clinch their first trip to the postseason since 2006. we'll
prompted a major recall here in the united states. dutch health officials say it was supplied to the costco chain. the centers for disease control say it counted 85 cases of salmonella in 27 u.s. states since july involving the same strain of salmonella as the fish but there's no confirmed link. no one has died but ten people have been hospitalized. >>> let's turn things over to jeff. it is warm and sizzling outside. it's still super hot out there. >> my last facebook status update, i need a pool. it's way too hot. nobody has bitten yet. all right. right now we'll talk about the forecast and when we get major changes in here in just a few minutes. >> i have a pool. come on over. you have to baby sit three girls. the a's are doing everything in their power to win some of the hearts back. next on xfinity sports desk, with a's stay focused on the last two games of the season after last night's green and gold celebration in oakland. we'll have the answer next. >>> giants playoffs, 49ers, festivals, anything not happening in san francisco this weekend? >> you forgot about the blue angels. >> blu
, the united states does not have a protestant majority. a new study shows the percentage of protestant adults in the u.s. has fallen to 48%. the fastest growing group is americans with no religious affiliation. the drop has long been anticipated and comes at a time when no protestants are on the u.s. supreme court. republicans have their first presidential ticket with no protestant nominee. american voters who describe themselves as having no religion vote overwhelmingly for democrats. >>> same-day delivery. >>> plus, it's not a gadget, it's not a social network, but it might be the next big thing in silicone valley. >>> do you have any fingernails left? the torture returns. we have highlights from the extra inning thriller for the giants, coming up. >>> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. the doppler radar shows fall showers offshore. we'll be tracking that and let us know what our best chance of getting any of that is for tonight. it stays cloudy with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20,
that governs children working in the fields across the united states. california congresswoman lucille roy ball allard has reintroduced the bill. if it becomes law, would make child labor rules the same for agriculture as for every other industry in america. after watching our investigation documenting child labor here in california and in north carolina, los angeles congresswoman lucille roy ball allard is calling for change. >> i was shocked. because i really do believe this is one of our country's dirty little secrets. >> reporter: there are others in congress who are not so eager to pass new legislation to protect children working in agriculture. >> there is just no need for it. >> reporter: senator charles grassley of iowa is a co-sponsor of a bill that would do the opposite. it is called the preserving america's family farms act. the bill would prohibit government from rules governing children working in agriculture. rules that date back to 1938. >> it wouldn't be unusual to be putting in 14 or even 18-hour days. there's probably no difference between dad putting it in and a 12-year-old b
in storage units. but these are true stories and it raises the question is there enough state oversight to ensure the dignity of the dead? these youtube videos capture the disbelief of drivers on interstate 80 in vallejo. that's funeral service owner daniel mandell and his hearse on fire after he sideswiped another car. mandell was arrested for driving drunk and his funeral license suspended. he was then arrested for a second dui. he's since shut down his mobile funeral business. >> i was in shock. >> reporter: in rohnert park, david wells' nightmare made local headlines. he says he paid this funeral director $1,500 for the kre m s cremation of his father. but they never came. >> there was a swamp cooler in there. it was totally hot in there and the bodies were decomposing. >> reporter: how does something like that happen? >> it could be the funeral home may not have the money to maintain the equipment. they may have gotten overloaded and have too much, shall we say, work? >> reporter: richard fisher is one of the state's seven inspectors assigned to check on roughly 400 crematories an
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11